The Jazz Guitar of
Andy Brown


Andy has been teaching guitar since his early playing days almost thirty years ago. He was fortunate to have invaluable information passed on to him from several of the world's legendary jazz guitarists. Formal and informal studies with master players Kenny Poole, Cal Collins, Howard Alden and Ted Greene have given Andy a rare glimpse into the true art of jazz guitar and he willingly shares this information with his students. Andy has experience teaching a wide range of students from advanced beginners to some of Chicago's most well-known professional guitarists. Currently Andy is accepting private students online and at his home studio in the Chicago area. If you are interested in lessons send Andy an Email.

Andy has given masterclasses and workshops at colleges and music schools including Northern Illinois University, The University of Cincinnati's College-Conservatory of Music and the Old Town School of Folk Music. He recently released a two hour video masterclass titled "Solo Jazz Guitar" for the acclaimed teaching company My Music Masterclass. This class is available for purchase. Learn More →

Andy Brown

For booking info or to join Andy's monthly mailing list, please contact Andy at: or 773-396-1180